What I Do For Investors

Property investment is a fine art and the devil is in the detail. Unbiased advice is imperative to maximising your capital return and, perhaps even more importantly, your time…

Working as a globally-connected & independent acquisitions specialist, I am able to reach across the entire market, providing my clients with full access, clear guidance, and no conflicts of interest.

Property remains the asset of choice for investors. According to Morgan Stanley’s research, 77 percent of those with a million dollars or more in assets invest in real estate for their majority holdings.

This isn’t really surprising - property exhibits a unique combination of investment traits that are highly suited to long-term wealth building; minimal risk, ongoing yield potential, and perhaps most importantly - the opportunity to leverage exposure to inflation, boosting capital growth.

With such a wide range of options available to you, advising on which investment is best for you depends largely on your specific objectives & circumstances. An appropriate investment strategy for one client may be an unwise choice for another - for this reason I take a highly personal approach to advising on investments, and strategy.

Who Do I Work With?
Investment Buyers of all types, including:
Private Individuals & Families
Portfolio Investors, both small and large
Hedge Fund & Asset Managers
Overseas Investors looking for an independent local expert
What types of investment property do I source?
From single apartment units to large Freehold sites, across the UK and Europe.
Development and/or Refurbishment Projects
Rental/Buy-to-Let investments
Off-market acquisitions
Pied-à-terre and city stay units
Off-plan units
Trophy & unique properties