London: Price/Earnings Data Visualised

How much do buyers need to earn to buy a flat in London? Which areas are the most and least affordable? ...check out this graphic to see the answers plotted by tube station.

16, OCT 2018

For many young buyers getting on the property ladder in the capital can feel like chasing a pipe dream. But it’s not impossible, according to TotallyMoney, which has mapped how much Londoners need to earn to afford a one-bedroom property near each tube stop across London. The calculations assume the buyer has got a 10 percent deposit handy. Seeing this data mapped visually is surprisingly useful for non-first timers as well; investors, families, upsizers and downsizers can quickly get a sense of what their £ will buy them in each of these London neighbourhoods, which could narrow the search area and save time in those early stages of a property search.

The most expensive stations are Mansion House, Hyde Park Corner and Knightsbridge – all 3 of these neighbourhoods would technically be too pricey even for the Prime Minister (who earns just over £150,000 here in the UK). To buy in these high end neighbourhoods would require a much larger deposit, often in the region of 20 to 40%. This graphic helps us see why some parts of London are more densely populated with students, some with families, and some with the well-heeled!

To see and download the full high res version of this graphic head over to TimeOut by clicking this link.
The map reveals wide variance in affordability, or value-for-money. It also helps us to quickly identify the pockets of neighbourhoods that buyers find most desirable...
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