PrimeResi 'Prime Movers' 2019

The results are in: The UK's premier luxury property journal PrimeResi announce their 'Prime Movers' for 2019, including UK property buyer Jemimah Barnett.

London: Price/Earnings Data Visualised

How much do buyers need to earn to buy a flat in London? Which areas are the most and least affordable? ...check out this graphic to see the answers plotted by tube station.

US Expats | A guide to buying in London

With the US currency still strong against the pound more US buyers are considering buying home in the UK. What should you know up front before you take the leap? - read on to find out...

Market Update: Summer 2017

It's been action packed in the UK of late; Brexit, snap elections, and major currency moves are amongst the events pulling the market to and fro'. As we reach the end of summer let's get an update...

The Interview | Hampstead & Highgate Express

Sitting down with India Block from the Ham & High to talk property buying and selling in North London, the state of the market right now, and how to solve the housing crisis. Print edition out now.

UK Stamp Duty Explained

Stamp Duty facts: What is it? How is it calculated? - when and how do I pay it? ...In this article we will cover everything that buyers will need to know about Stamp Duty, when making a purchase in the UK.

The Hotel Home | Property Trends

With growth in prices, comes an upsurge in expectation. Following an explosion of 'designer hotels' the latest trend is for homes with hotel services. And it looks like it's here to stay...

In Demand: London & Surrounds

What are the top 5 target neighbourhoods for luxury buyers right now? Read on to find out which parts of London, and it's surrounds, are most in-demand...

Off Market | The Hidden Half...

Off-Market sales (aka Private Sales) make up a surprisingly large chunk of the London market. Around half of all property, by value, is transacted off-market. Learn more about 'The Hidden Half'...

Leasehold vs Freehold | Understanding Property Title Types

What are Leasehold, Freehold & Share of Freehold, and how will the type of title affect my purchase? Read on to learn more about the UK's system of property titles...

Buy like the Best: Tips from a professional Buyer

Whether you’re buying a home, or buying for investment or development - if you’re buying real estate, you'll want to follow my golden rule: Think Slow - Act Fast.